Who We Are

What is the North Coast Coalition for Palestine?

We are a local group that gathered together in 2010 in response to the killings, by the Israeli military, of civilians on the Freedom Flotilla bringing medical and humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

We are students, teachers, business owners, writers, artists, veterans, healthcare and counseling professionals and many others. We are people of all kinds and flavors: Palestinians, Jews, Christians, Pagans and no particular faith. 

We are involved community members who care deeply about justice and peace for all the people of Palestine and Israel.

We believe that Palestinians, like all human beings, are entitled to the protections guaranteed by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And we feel it is our responsibility to stand up with those who are oppressed in Palestine.

We work to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine and US military aid to Israel. And we support the right of return for all Palestinians in diaspora.

We participate in non-violent resistance to the Israeli occupation, including Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

We support the rights of all human beings regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality or sexual orientation.